Age 27 – So much energy!

I feel incredibly positively one month in and my desire for my girlfriend (long distance relationship) has sky rocketed also, I was already incredible attracted towards her but now…. wow. I’m not talking sexuality only, I’m talking connection, that deep connection two people share. I wanna get to know this world more.

27 years old, I never suffered from ED still I did watch porn for 12 years but today something snapped.

I felt like I just won over my depression or something I felt I didn’t have, but my libido, sex drive is insane right now and I felt asexual most of my life, Imagine that. Yesterday fantasizing of my girlfriend and me being intimate (the share touch) I felt so energetic I could break my bed in half from the share excitement, and body responding to it.

I feel happy and positive, my HOCD I just recently had is gone, thoughts are nothing now, come fight me thoughts, I dare you as I will accept you all and give you an embrace. Fuck if I was gay, bisexual, asexual, heterosexual, I will embrace you all, you are all beautiful people, perfect does not exist as much as ugly comes from personality and action alone, beauty is skin deep. Thoughts are harmless, its what you do determent who you are. Don’t believe everything you think and feel.

Since I woked up, I don’t feel like before, something changed in me.
Something about not masturbating and watching porn triggered so much energy in me, I feel so productive, no more having hard time going out of bed. Now we go up right after waking up, fully relax doing body exercises, feeling like this energy is limitless with each passing day.

Now I understand what my friend said: He felt like God inside when he didn’t masturbate or watch porn for 300days. Thanks to him I gave this a chance and I read the book “Your Brain on Porn” that i borrowed from him.

You people are great! Keep up the streak, don’t just count days, go outside communicate and beat this devil that is slowing you down in life. LOVE YOURSELF AND LOVE LIFE, find a girl you wanna share your life with, not only sex, and most of all stay positive.

LINK – Whats Happening? So Much Energy I feel REBORN!

by thunderstorm27