Age 27 – Stopped procrastinating, Longer attention span, More energy, Strong morning wood


I started nofap in December 2014. I went 6 months without any relapse before I choked my chicken. I immediately went back on nofap wagon only to keep falling from it in every 30-40 days. So, this is the second time I have achieved the streak of 90 days. Since the start, I must have had 12-14 relapses in total.


  • More energy to get shit done. I am procrastinating a lot less lately.
  • My attention span and situational awareness have substantially increased.
  • I have noticed that I am not at all tired at any point in time during the day. Even for the days I could not sleep properly, I did not even feel like yawning the entire day.
  • I do not put women on pedestal. At the same time, I respect them. For me, they are just like us.
  • I am not actively looking for a partner. I feel it will happen some day. Now-a-days, I am working on myself.
  • I wake up every day with a strong morning wood. I am a virgin.
  • I have literally felt strong spiritual inclination during the reboot.
  • I have realized on very important fact of life. You do not HAVE TO have a girlfriend to be happy. You do not HAVE TO win an argument to exhibit supremacy. You do not HAVE TO please everyone to be liked. HAVE TO makes it look like mandatory. The only things that you HAVE TO do is to breath in oxygen, eat, drink, sleep and shit. Rest everything is optional!
  • I do not act being smart. I act what comes to me, naturally. That is what is called as being yourself. I will take an attempt to simplify it and why is it important. Human brain works the same when it comes to judging people’s attitude. We all can say, after talking to a person, whether he/she is pretending, trying to hide something, being genuine, being overly nice etc. In short, people have this instinct to notice if the other person is not being himself/herself. Applying it on myself, I realized that if I try to act someone which I am not, the other person will figure it out and will make his opinion towards me accordingly. That opinion will stay in his/her subconscious mind as the first impression. Your best bet is to be yourself.

Well, these are the things over the top of my head. These are the major ones. No side effects except that I did get frustrated in the initial days, but most of it was due to external factors. I hate it when I have a wet dream.


  • Please read about Semen Retention. This will make you realize the importance of this life-generating fluid.
  • Please realize that nothing is greater than you. Its time to make some enemies and have some hurt-able ego. Make porn your enemy when you see or think of a porn clip. Make gym instruments your enemy when you lift them. Make pending work your enemy when you needed to finish them. Losing to your enemies will hurt your ego. There are many such enemies all around and they can be beaten. Did I mention nothing is greater than you?
  • Whatever you see during the whole day gets processed by our brain. Ensure to have a healthy and progressive choice when it comes to visual content.
  • You do not have to stay away from PMO for 90 days or 180 days. Just focus on this very moment to stay away from PMO. You can do it. See you are doing it already!
  • DO NOT TOUCH. (Master Tip)

Funny story. Never had PMO addiction, but had minor hair fall issues. Found this sub while looking for hair fall solution, ended up finding other major solutions of life. PS: Still have minor hair fall problem. I’m 27.

LINK – Reached 90 days

By shikharv