Age 28 – 1 year no PMO: Life was horrible; I was suicidal.

You’ve no idea how many times I failed. I tried to stop it for 10000 times. But I failed miserably. I failed in my MBA, I lost my friends, and I lost my job, no social contacts. I tried to commit suicide 4 years ago, it also failed.

I was a loser. I didn’t achieve anything in my life until last year.

I started my PMO addiction at the age of 15. Now I’m 28. Before my suicide attempt I used to watch porn 3-5 hours day. I masturbated at least three times in a day. After the attempt I used to watch it for 5-7 hours a day and masturbated 4-8 times in a day. Every time after this masturbation it brought me nothing but guilt, shame and I let myself down.

I was married 3 years ago; I didn’t have a good relation with my wife. We had a fight every day, I was very short tempered and used to abuse, beat people. I used to scold people, used to use bad words, fight with people. I was like a real villain in the society. I know I am doing a bad thing. I have to change. But I can’t. I used to blame Gods, I used to tear apart their photos, I don’t know what else. No one loves me and vice versa.

When I saw a girl, or an actress or a celebrity or a newsreader or any girl who is good looking and good body parts, I have temptations. I started browsing, porn sites and spent for hours and masturbate.

Why I am writing this? This is for someone who may find it helpful. If this will change anyone’s life, then I am very happy and satisfied.

How I stopped PMO, the steps.

1. First of all you have to realize that this is the addiction which is more or as powerful like Cocaine or similar kind of drug addiction. Admit it. And the best thing is you can really overcome this addiction.

2. If you don’t have any confidence or will power, you can stop PMO for more than 100 days. Yes! You heard me. You don’t need any will power or self belief to stop this. Because if you are lack of that fascinating word, you can get it right now, right moment. Why because stop thinking about ‘I don’t have will power’. If you think like that, then it’s true. If you think ‘I have will power’, it is also true. Let me tell you the absolute truth- “It requires more courage to suffer than to die.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

3. You are on a great war. A war with most powerful enemy in the world. The war is not to just for the victory, it’s not for the land, it’s not for the woman, it’s not for fame, it’s not for wealth, it’s not for nothing but for getting a Great Friend. If you win the war, it means you will get a good friend. This friend is capable of doing anything in the world; He will help you to achieve anything in the world. This friend is your Mind or soul; you can call whatever you want.

4. In this war the enemy is stronger. He has some ultimate weapons in his hands. Urges or temptations, anger, guilt, shame etc. Urge or Temptation is the greatest weapon with him.

How to block this weapon. For that you need a Master Plan. A plan for destroying it powerfully.

  1. This war will lasts for years. The weapon may hit you today but don’t just give up.
  2. If you feel the urge or temptation, just close your eyes, observe the urge, analyse what it wants. Just think the outcome.
  3. If the urge hit you too stronger,Just put your head in bucket of water for 1 minute (just count down in your mind from 1 to 60). Whatever happens, don’t come out before 60 seconds. If you come out try again.(This is optional, if you have an disease, fever don’t do it)
  4.  If it fails, just get out of the house, whether there is rain or hot or anything. Walk for just 10 minutes. And come back.
  5.  If this also fails, do 20 pushups, if you can’t do it how much you can. Try harder. If you are not good at push up, try sit ups.
  6. If the urge is also there, it won’t go, you can masturbate. But it is without porn, without thinking anyone. Just do it and try to send the urge out.You can do this every time, if there is the urge.
  7. Meditation. A simple meditation.
    1. Just listen to your favorite song by closing your eyes, try to concentrate on the music, lyrics etc. Just listen the song for 7-10 minutes.
    2. Just close ur eyes. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Try to concentrate the sound of air, nose and mouth. This is for 7-10 minutes.
    3. Just observe your thoughts. But keep in my mind, you and your mind is two different persons. You are just seeing or observing your mind. Don’t focus anything. Whatever comes to your mind, just observe if it is good, bad or erotic. Do this for 7-10 minutes.Try any of these or all of these 2 times in a day regularly, whether you failed to control the urge or not. Do this exercise. Because you are developing a great weapon for fighting with the urge or temptations.
  8. Try to do morning or evening walking. The best thing is one round of walking and one round of running. It’s up to your capacity. Gradually you have to increase your stamina.
  9. Repeat this sentences in your mind daily 5 to 25 times.I can control the urges. I can control the temptation. I am the master of my mind.
  10. Last not the least, pray for 2 minutes before you go to sleep and when you wake up. Pray to the Ultimate Power to give you strength to win this war.

Thank You very much for reading this. If you have any doubts or comments, please let me know. My user name is sidhu.

I am the Master….I conquered…

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