Age 28 – 110 days: Not cured but morning wood is back. Far more sensitive & easily achieve erections, Also feel more focus and act more goal oriented

Well I’ve made it to 110 days, but by no means do I feel cured. I’m 28 and have been using porn since my teens, so I understand recovery can take longer than 3 months. I did almost give in about a week ago, but chose to rub one out just focusing on the sensation. It has worked well in helping me reach this point.

One interesting pattern I’ve noticed is the flatlines. They come and go every couple weeks, so I’ll have a few weeks with no libido, and then one where I’m thinking about sex frequently. All part of recovery I suppose.

I’ve also had sexual dreams more frequently, which is pretty nice, it makes me feel human. Morning boners make me feel more human. I feel like I’m getting something back.

Other things I’ve noticed. Physical sensitivity is way up; it takes very little to give me a rise, so to speak. I’m starting to feel more focus and act more goal oriented. Whereas I used to pmo and lose all subsequent motivation, I find myself having more motivation. Lastly, I seem to spontaneously recall life experiences more frequently and vividly than I used to. Random events through the day will lead me to remember things I hadn’t thought about for years. Anyone else experienced this?

Advice: masturbating when urges arise might help you maintain a pornfree life. Probably best used sparingly.

Edit: also, like others have noted, I find myself less addicted to the Internet/Reddit. Clicking through links and pages nonstop for an hour or more has lost its appeal.

LINK – 110 Days. Whoa.

by chcltthnder