Age 28 – 18 months ago I was fat, depressed, suicidal, and 24 /7 in my room.


18 months ago I was fat [100 kg], depressed, suicidal, being 24 hours in my room. I was PMO addict, spending hours every day in porn, masturbating, smoking weed, eating like shit. I could not sleep until I had masturbated many time late upto 3 at night. I was angry, irritated all the time. Social anxiety, forget about talking to girls.

Then I started NoFap, it was really hard, but I started exercising a lot, I lost 25 kg, down to 75 kg. Took me 8 months, I ran more than 1000 km during that period, controlled my food intake. Now I was physically fit.

Then I went to a rehabilitation center. In fact I went there went I started my current streak [111 days ago]. Luckily there I was counselled by a Girl who is doing her PhD in psychology, she a student there and around my age. I told her everything about my addiction, that I have problem talking to girls, she said that I have negative self image and depression. She really helped me.

After counselling I started preparing for a national level examination, because I wanted to keep myself engaged. I did not want to stay in my room cause now I don’t like staying in my room whole day.

So I googled for a ‘study room’ so that I can go there and study. I found one and I went there. That room had like 80 percent girls. I was really anxious being among so many girls, many times I was only male in that room. Then one girl started talking to me, I then started talking to her [she is a lawyer, preparing for public prosecutor exam], then I talked with another and many more.

Then there was this girl I really liked. I finally approached this girl, I was nervous as fuck but I said to myself, fuck it, today is the day. In fact, I did not knew what to talk, at first I would just pause, it was awkward because I had nothing to ask. First talk lasted 5 minutes. We now talk regularly, its going great. She is an MBBS doctor and studying to do Post graduate in Gynecology. I study up to 12 hours at study room, I get up at 5 am, I exercise, I study whole day, I have a girl that I like and I talk to her, I sleep in 10 minutes at night, no more anxiety. In fact I have no time to FAP now.

So get out of your room/head and you will find something good, be brave.

LINK – Here is a story-111 days

by Rahul_sing