Age 28 – Articulate, charismatic, no more stuttering


Yesterday I was at a party and I was the center of attention. It just hit me. I always had things to say. I travel, I work, I have hobbies and interesting experiences. I was just always too scared and too shy to talk. Why the hell would I shut up? Why the hell would I stay silent against a wall throughout the gathering?

I don’t know if that was due to noFap, but I was feeling important, better yet, I was feeling happy. There was not even a trace of the urge to watch P or fap yesterday and neither is today.

To sum up, someone pointed out how everyone was actually staring at me at some point. And I got comments on how well-grounded and well-thought my opinions where. 

In fact, the best thing for me was that I could articulate what was on my mind without stopping to collect my thoughts, without stuttering and in a non-confusing manner (something that made people drift away when I started talking before).

Anyway. I also had a conversation with a super-cute girl. Basically I was saying to her everything that came to my mind without second-thinking anything. I believe she had a good time. I might text her tomorrow, but now I am overthinking it again… But who cares.

28yo. Reduced PMO to 5-6/month for 2 years now, now on a 15 day streak. I was fapping too much and it troubled me. I also wanted to focus on the real thing and get better socially and sexually. All the benefits come from working my ass off constantly and not giving up! noFap probably helps most with the motivation.

LINK – Yesterday I was at a party and I was the center of attention.

By VDKay