Age 28 – Confidence, willingness and sex life improved


Yes [I have seen benefits], for sure! Confidence, willingness to accomplish things, a sense of being the natural way of living, because it causes you to do stuff and find your way into interacting socially (including women and whatever it may be necessary to create intimacy with them, if it’s the case).

–What symptoms caused you to quit porn?

I didn’t have many, but my reasons were to accomplish what I shared above. I started living by myself and I knew I would wander through life if I continued doing that. The solution was really there, because I started doing more things consistently and improved my life and I’ll keep going in this path.

What I can tell as symptoms: when I was in my last relationship, sometimes I avoided doing things with her (yes… horrible), didn’t have any major desires to be creative and surprise her and put the relationship into a better state. Sex while ejaculating often was not that interesting (and it isn’t). I had a fake sense of needing it, but it wasn’t really. With this in mind, I discovered that orgasm and ejaculation are completely different things: most of the time in my life I did not experience an orgasm (which is impossible to happen if not retaining semen – observations specifically over my organism). While having sex, sometimes it was hard to orgasm (not necessarily bad all the time) and basically impossible if it was through oral.

–Any chaser?

A chaser was the reason I relapsed (planning to find some time to share it in the main post by editing it).

–How old are you?

I am 28 and I wish I started this at the age of 20-22…

LINK – Relapsed on day 100 (no whining, just reporting)

By son_acc