Age 28 – DE gone, I can climax during sex!


After years of furiously fapping to anal rough porn with a death grip, usually twice or more a day, I was totally unable to orgasm from PIV. If I had a condom on, it was virtually impossible, even the hottest and most experienced pornstars wouldn’t have been able to get a drop from me.

I stopped PMO about 3 months ago. I still fapped once about every week, strictly to clear the pipes, in less than 2 minutes. Not for pleasure, just for health. I fapped maybe three times to images, and once to porn but I lasted about 15s.

I had PIV the first month twice, but was unable to come due to logistics the first time, and the second time the condom was too small (I need 56mm minimum). Saturday night I had another girl in my bed but she wouldn’t have sex since we had no condom. I edged the whole night. It had been 10 days without ejaculating.

Yesterday, met another girl, and got into her room. I had a proper condom this time. After years of not being able to come from PIV, I came in about a minute. Most of this time I barely thrusted to let her loosen up. As soon as I gave it a go, I came.

Most people would feel like shit or like a failure. But I felt awesome. I always dreaded PIV because I was never able to orgasm and it was just awkward for me. Now I feel like I’ve finally got back to a healthy level of sensation and arousal.

So thanks a lot nofap and pornfree.

I don’t really masturbate with images anymore, I don’t need to and I don’t masturbate for pleasure, just to renew my semen periodically. It was just a couple occurences but it didn’t really impact my progress, as I kept the sessions extremely short.

Other benefits would be increased energy levels, increased confidence and not feeling timid about anything anymore. But these effects are also amplified by other measures I’ve taken in my life.

I’m 28.

LINK – Yesterday I was a one pump chump and I’m happy about it.

By IncelNoMore