Age 28 – Decisive internal power and stamina

[Day 365] Benefits? Hard to measure. Anyway I can tell you this: I had to cope with big obstacles at the same time. They resulted from my previous fapping life riddled with procrastination. I successfuly finished my studies, defended master thesis and did a part-time job at the same time. It was all accomplished by very, very thin margin. Looking at my previous “fap” life I doubt I would have been able to muster that much of decisive internal power and stamina. That´s my opinion. No super powers whatsoever. I just did not quit.

This is not meant to be a summarizing diary, although I had thought that after 365 days in no fap business I would have a lot to offer and “words of wisdom” to share! Haha, there is no such a thing. Every conceivable answer is hidden inside you, guys, all you have to do is to unfold your path.

Over last 365 days I have gone through many setbacks, have made a lot of wrong decisions and questioned most of them, fortunately. There is little of what I did that I am greateful for and I will never cast doubt on. It is no fap.

I made a dream collage year ago with all goals I want to achieve in my life. So far I have managed to fulfil only one of them. I managed not to fap. I know that if I want to retain these goals and keep them possible, it can only only be achieved through No fap.

Till there is at least one achieved goal, everything else is possible. No matter when. I have my whole life to beat all of them. So do you.

Take care, all of you. We all are worth it.

I am 28 years old.

LINK – 365 day post

by Dezider