Age 28 – Delayed ejaculation & loss of sensitivity cured

I wouldn’t say I was addicted to porn or masturbation. However with every partner I have felt little sensation and been unable to come. For years this got me so down, as I could not enjoy sex, and having kids would be really difficult, potentially impossible.

I researched on the web for stories of similar people and discovered I was potentially suffering from death grip. However cures for death grip were not mentioned really anywhere.

A little over a month ago I discovered this amazing website Nofap. Being British I didn’t really no what fap meant as we called masturbation other slang terms.
However after reading the forums and success stories I discovered one, I wasn’t alone, and two, there are many other people like me.

So 32 days ago I started Nofap to see what would happen. I said to myself I wouldn’t stop until my next chance to have sex to see if not fapping would cure my death grip.

Over the last 4 and a half weeks I experienced urges in the first fortnight but after that I really kinda flatlined.

I started messaging a girl I went to school with and being in our late 20’s now we hadn’t seen each other for ages and decided to meet up in a club and have some drinks.

We had a great night and she invited me back to her place. I thought this is it day 31 and I’m about to see if this has worked.

Being heavily intoxicated with alcohol I did think am I going to be able to perform regardless of being able to come.

The sex wasn’t the best however I had a load more sensation and I came within minutes. The sense of worry lifted off my shoulders immediately. I had cumed and my death grip had been cured.

This morning when I woke up in her bed we had hangover sex and I came again. I can’t tell you how happy this has made me.

I honestly think this website has changed my outlook on life and want to thank you all for your support on previous posts and hope you all conquer your problems.

Death grip sufferers the cure is no fap. It may take u longer or even shorter time than me but the happy days can be yours

LINK – Death grip cured after 31 days

by WhiteKnightRising