Age 28 – ED fixed, saved my relationship, improved my self-esteem

Finished my three month challenge and I’ve got to say – this experience has changed my life forever. This challenge has saved my relationship, improved my self-esteem, and even helped me finish some things I have always wanted to do but couldn’t. It even fixed YES. FIXED. my inability to get an erection.

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who provided me with advice and guidance along the way. NOFAP has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I will be a believer forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

LINK – My success story – Day 91.

by desplaines725725


Hey everybody – this is my first post on NoFap, and on Reddit in general. I am here today because I am in need of some serious guidance about erectile dysfunction, and I think that this is the best place for me to share my worries.

I want to begin by saying that I have been masturbating at least once a day since I was 15 – mostly with the help of online pornography. I am now 27, going on 28. I suffer from a very low sex drive, almost never get erections without touching myself first (and even then, they fade very, very quickly), and, on the rare occasion that I am able to get an erection, I am unable to climax during sex with my partner.

I have been avoiding sex with my partner lately because my interest in sex is no longer there. That said, I love my partner dearly and wish from the bottom of my heart that I had more desire for her. I find her body to be beautiful, but it feels like the “switch” is not being flipped – nothing is turning me on anymore and I hate it.

On the occasions my partner and I do attempt to make love, I often lose any erection that I am fortunate enough to get (again, I hardly even get morning wood anymore, and touching myself doesn’t necessarily do the trick either).

Today, she has told me that if I cannot find a way to clear this issue up, that marrying me may not work out for her because she wants a partner who can give her an active sex life.

NoFap: I want, more than anything in the world, to be that type of partner for her, but these erection issues are making it close to impossible. What can I, a 28 year old male who no longer gets erections, and cannot hold them for long at all when he does, do in order to increase both the quantity and quality of my erections? I want nothing more than to be able to get hard again for her – she is the most beautiful, loving woman in the world. I talked with her about 3 hours ago and told her what I am telling you.

Can you please help me get my erections back?