Age 28 – Erection quality (and size) improvements after long periods of pornfree

Now, I know it may seem a stupid thing to say, I would’ve been the first one to troll somebody posting this…

BUT, I am pretty sure my erections are way better now than when I was a porn/sex addict (was beating it multiple times a day).

I’m also pretty sure my cock is meatier and has a bit more girth now when erected.

Nothing scientific, I didn’t take measurements, but yeah it’s quite noticeable, I appreciate it. Not length, only girth.

Has anyone experienced something similar while trying pornfree for a long time?

Now I’m not speaking of a few days of pornfree, I’m speaking about drastic reduction of PMOs after a decade of “daily” compulsive porn/fap/sex, years of trying pornfree and periods of nofap too.

My background was average 2+ ejaculations a day (between porn/fap/hardcore sex) for nearly 10 years. Last two years I drastically reduced it to once a week. While also trying to stop porn completely (last streak was 2+ months 100% pornfree, just failed recently).

LINK – Erection quality (and size) improvements after long periods of pornfree??? I’m serious. opinions pls

by nofapperIII


Yes. I totally lost morning wood, I totally forgot about that for years.

It reappeared consistently for a week around 1 month ago and I was really surprised that I started thinking like “WTF its happening” lol.
That means it reappeared after ~2 years of trials of limiting PMOs. Especially it reappeared in a period when I was trying long no fap/no PMO streaks, lasting ~20+ days.

Then I ejaculated/sex a few times and still no morning woods since.


Nice! I feel exactly the same, I literally would have used the same words. Being productive, focus is still not there as I would, but at least I don’t focus on porn anymore, anytime!

Also I’m much more chilled out, before I was very VERY tense and easily angered! Now I still get angry every time I want/need, but I don’t feel it in the body… hard to explain. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Mind is empty. Is a good feeling if I think how I was a few years ago.

Even when I’m tired, I’m not exhausted as it was before. I’m not a zombie anymore. As long as I keep it under control.

Man it took time, maybe I was too much into it, for someone else could be easier.

But but but… be careful as Mr. Hyde is always behind the corner. It’s damn easy to fall back into the endless spiral.

Try to not stay alone, live with others, go out, and make it hard for you to watch porn. Time will fly and your brain will forget for a while.