Age 28 – Erections harder, more self-control and confidence

I am 28. Been trying to quit for some time but relapse was unavoidable until a month ago when I decided I have had enough and joined nofap 2 weeks ago. I quit because of PIED it was very embarrassing not to get wood when my gf wanted some intimacy and I had to pretend I was unwell.

Also, physiological issues, undressing women on the streets mentally and imagining the porn scenes I watched last night or in the morning before waking up and many more reasons.

Some of the benefits include getting wood though not as hard as I would want but it’s much better than it used to be. I am better person in most ways because I am able to control my urges

NOFAP community is of great help. I have been on nofap for some time now and I have witnessed positive transformation in my life from higher self esteem & confidence the guilty feeling is still slowly fading away.

reading posts in this community has really motivated me to stop PMO”ing though the urges still pressure me at times I can say I have greatly improved compared to the days in the past I was fapping just before getting out of bed in the morning and before sleeping at night I don’t open up easily to people about my problems so this community esp this forum has been a milestone for me to get views and honest opinions without any discrimination

when I feel low I just login to read and comment and soonest I bounce back to sobriety.. I no longer go to washrooms at work to stream porn & PMO. My erections are harder compared to the days I would not even have sex because I couldn’t get aroused easily and penetrate and thus my relationship is better

I am able to miraculously control my anger levels resulting from improved self control

I don’t want to go back to the dark hole of PMO I want to be in charge of my life I want to be KING these are my better days

LINK – better days