Age 28 – Everything is so much better now; I have a drive for action

I am 28 years old. I never had symptoms like I see on reports from people who had serious problems because of porn. But I can say I had escalated on material and I didn’t like it.

I standed my point too vaguely socially speaking and I had too weak of a drive for doing everyday tasks and to work seriously on self improvement.

The original reason [for quitting porn] probably was for self control, but along the journey I’ve found out many other reasons to stick to nofap and some of them would be good enough to be the first ones to put me on this path.

About the lack of drive to do stuff, I have a regret not being serious enough about nofap during my last relationship (it lasted about 5 years and it ended 2 years ago). It is over, but I know I’ve done too few things when we were together… I mean… she would call me to do something and I would sit unwilling to make things happen because my drive to do things were gone. This is horrible.. for relationships and for life in general.

The most important benefit for me now is this drive for action. This energy is like a hunger and we are going to do something with it, for sure. But many of us were trapped in the short and easy path: releasing it. There are other paths and along with everyone in this sub I am willing to find them and accomplish more in this world.

How could I say I am a man and an ok human being if my place was way messier than it should be? One thing is to have difficulties and another one is doing way less than I could do, which is unacceptable and it’s what I was doing.

Really? 50 days? So hard to believe. But everything is so much better now…

I’ve opened porn in this period, but my perspective on it was way different than before. I do not wat to look for it again.

And I’m on soft mode, so I had sex. The circumstances in my life are pretty different right now (not in a relationship anymore), so I’m seriously contemplating going on  hard mode, because it’s kinda weird going to bed with someone I just met… And engaging in that regularly will probably mess up with my self development purposes.

LINK – Really? 50 days?

By on_acc