Age 28 – I have an easier time walking through fear. I’ve been far more productive overall

I made it 90 days thanks to God, you guys and a few key friends. My goal is a year of nofap. It will be at least 6 months from now that I consider having sex or getting into a relationship. My 90 days has been hard mode. I had sex at day 12 and realized that was a bad idea. If I wanted my reboot to be successful I had to cut out sex.

That said I’ve enjoyed the last 90 days. I no longer feel the need to have sex. I no longer feel the need to orgasm. I occasionally have urges to MO but they are short lived. Cold showers are essential, as is meditation, and talking with real people. Spending time with friends helps me stay out of loneliness.

As far as the benefits: I now get out of bed at 6am everyday and get a lot done. I have an easier time walking through fear. I don’t obsess over women. I’m studying for the GRE which I’ll take on Monday and then I’ll have a month to finish my grad school application. I’ve been far more productive overall and have given up caffeine. That was a big adjustment but my energy levels have started to level out. I’m cooking for myself a bit more and still hoping to incorporate exercise into my life. Eventually it will happen. All in all I’m happy with where I’m at.

The last thing I’ll say is get a support group outside of this subreddit. Nofap is great but its just another addiction. We’re all pining for upvotes and attention. Real support comes from humans who can hug you and call you on your bullshit. I’m grateful to this subreddit but know that sooner or later I’ll move on. If I want to stay clean without you guys it will require contact with my higher power and people who are living a wholesome life just like myself.

LINK – 90 day report

by SaydleSon


Hit my original goal of 100 days. I’ve started to entertain the idea of getting a girlfriend and of sleeping with my ex. Neither of them are good ideas. I’m simply going to keep doing the next right thing which for me means no porn, no masturbation, no coffee or any other drugs, and no sex for at about another six months. I’m working on a grad school application for a competitive program I’m passionate about. I’m networking in the industry I’m applying to, grateful for my entry level job, and volunteering my time a fair amount. Willing to field any questions you have about how I got to 100 days. I have a background in AA so my approach has been spiritual in nature.

I’m 28. Benefits include more energy and confidence. Easier to get things done. Less shame and guilt. Less anxiety. I have a history of entering relationships with unhealthy women simply because I want to have sex with them. I’m hoping as I get deeper into a reboot I’ll rewire my brain to be attracted to more healthy women.


100 days