Age 28 – I’m crushing it at work, I’m stable, less angry, hair is thicker, lost my fear of public speaking


Because this is my very first time hitting 90 days, I wanted to make a post and a special shout out to the community here for all the support, motivation, and stories shared. I’d like to start by setting some parameters:

  • Was NOT fapping hardcore but still PMO’ing. Before starting the 90 day nofap – was not watching any videos. I’ll leave it at that.
  • Edged occasionally for a few minutes. Meditating and mental conditioning helped move away from that habit.
  • Modest workouts – sometimes skipping days/weeks due to full time work and school
  • Diet was okay. Nothing gluttonous but enough to maintain a weight of 180lbs at 5’11.
  • No hardmode. Have a girlfriend.
  • Started meditating regularly. Living in the moment. Empowering my “conscious awareness”. It’s really changed the lens on how I view the world and the events that transpire in my life. From the smallest things, to the biggest things. I remain consciously aware of the “flow of life”. Directing that flow is now my primary endeavor when it comes to spirituality and embracing consciousness. I attribute a lot of my progress to this. Also helped me understand the meaning of my life a little. It’s a good feeling, and I imagine a lot of people on this sub can benefit from exploring this part of themselves. Please take this as motivation to try, if anything. I recommend downloading the Headspace app if you’re not familiar with any of this.

My symptoms were more psychological I guess. An underlying lack of self confidence, feeling of bit of lack in my life, and not feeling 100% overall. I’m 28.

Summary of how I feel:

  • Motivated – I’m crushing it at work and am confident, especially when I’m challenged by other teams and departments. I’m proactive now – something I struggled with before. I also procrastinate a lot less.
  • Mental clarity. I no longer have any issues with brain fog. Derp level is nearly zero.
  • Social – Never awkward. I feel in control of any situation. Likely has a lot to do with my increased self confidence. Have been doing a lot of presentations lately. I’ve gotten over my fear of public speaking, at least professionally. I feel in control of WHAT I say as well as HOW I say it. I pause in conversation to emphasize stuff. I just feel in control and it feels good.
  • No mood swings. I feel stable. Definitely a nice thing.
  • Hair is thicker. I really feel like fapping thins out the hair on my head. I’d really love to learn why this is one day.

[Girlfriend] says I’ve become a better boyfriend. Whatever that means. Haha. Apparently less angry too!

I guess that’s it! It’s been a long road – I’ve been trying to hit 90 days for at least 4-5 years now and it feels good to finally do it. There’s been a lot of failures and do-overs on this journey but to make it this far feels great. I think it has more to do with setting goals and achieving them. I urge any one of you reading this to set small goals and keep hitting them until you become truly super human. It’s real. It’s possible. I believe in each and every single one of you. Thanks for all of the support over the years and I wish you all the best on this journey called life.

LINK – Day 90: First time – Report

By hk808