Age 28 – LIfe is better, More psychologically stable, Higher self-esteem

I am single male in late 20s. I was fappping for 12 years, sometimes aggressively 4 times a day.

Three months before I started nofap. I want to share what I experienced during that time.

  • More time for yourself: I was spending hours and hours watching porn. Then this time become available to use for more productive/beneficial things like sport.
  • More stable psychology: I never felt the superpowers i read here in nofap but clearly my mind was more free and clear.
  • Higher self esteem
  • A clear but little enhancement in almost every aspect of life.

My English and my writing skill is not good as you can see from this post. But I want to say that I experienced how porn and masturbation is harmful when i leave it. It is absolutely worth to leave that poisonous pleasure you gain from pmo and try to live your life with a more free mind/body.

LINK – 90 days report

by rasminoj