Age 28 – Migraines and stuttering gone, better immunity, stronger, good conversationalist

I had a 3-4 months of complete abstinence in the beginning. Benefits i experienced :

  • confidence
  • look people in the eye
  • my eyes are sparkly
  • a lot of hair started to grow on my hands , legs , chest and ab
  • stronger in legs
  • better posture
  • hair getting thicker and thicker , i know it’s true because i started to shave my head when it was thinning , 4 years ago , now i see in places more and more thick hairs. I saw my skin after 1 week shaved , now i see black because of the thicker hair. More beard hair.
  • warm feeling on my skin
  • better conversationalist
  • lifts have grown in the gym . for example i barely did 5 reps with 100 kg. after 2 weeks i did 10 reps with 115 without problem
  • my immunity system is much better. every 4 5 months i had on my lips herpes or cold sore.
  • no more migraines
  • better eyesight
  • the baby fat on the cheeks is no more
  • eyes look more deep , more beastly , i don’t know how to explain
  • bone growth ( jaw , chin , forehead ), three of my wisdom teeth are starting to grow ( at 28 years old ). I only had half one in lower right before starting nofap
  • better memory and dreams
  • more sociabile , more centred , more manly
  • my voice got deeper , i cringe when i remember how i used to talk.
  • no more stuttering
  • my relantionship with my parents is better. i never went out with my father , just us two , at a beer. Now we went 2 times and he started to talk more freely with me , which he never did or i didn’t realize because i was a fucking idiot masturbating 1-2 times a day.
  • I haven’t have nightmares for a long time. My dreams are better, happier , i’m more confident in them , like in real life. Did anybody experienced this ?

Good luck with your nofap , noporn goals. I will never go back to masturbate and watching that psy op weapon called pornography to ruin my morality , soul , mind and body

BACKGROUND – I started nofap last summer in august. My first streak was 26 days , then i MO 4 times , then i did 4 weeks , then MO a couple of times. In january started again nofap , and i started masturbate once 2 weeks. From may i did 60 days , then relapsed 2 times .Now i’m on my third week. I did watch porn, at the begining of the year , a couple of times this year, but it’s a huge difference. I was watching porn in the last 8 years, almost every day.

LINK – NoFap and dreams

by forcetaskx