Age 28 – My emotions have become much more stable, I’ve become super active, I have become much more assertive and self-confident


The Journey has been a long one so far. It has been 70 days with no porn and 63 days without playing with my snake. There are so many things that I have learned and gain from this experience that I could write an entire book! I chose to stay away from porn and masturbation after finding myself in a lonely hole surrounded by porn, unreal fantasies, and webcams.

Breaking up with my ex-girlfriend left me with some deep wounds that were hard to confront. Porn and fantasies became the best antidote to distract my emotions. This worked well until I found myself completely disconnected from the world. I couldn’t relate well with others and my head was filled up with really nasty and dark thoughts.

I am someone full of dreams for myself and the world. Porn was leaking all my energy and my emotions got all messed up.These are some of the benefits that I have gained from staying away from masturbation and porn for more than two months:

  • Join a CrossFit training and managed to go and train for 5/6 days a week at 5.20am.
  • Gain 5kg of pure muscle in 6 weeks. (I’ve never been this fit before)
  • I signed up for an obstacle competition race
  • I booked a 2-week surfing trip
  • My emotions have become much more stable.
  • I have become much more assertive and self-confident ( I even ask for a raise in my job and my wage got increased by 25%)
  • I cut down other habits such as internet browsing, drinking (haven’t drunk in 7 weeks)
  • I developed healthy habits such as meditating for 20 min every day
  • I learned about nutrition and I’m eating healthier than ever.
  • My penis increased in size! It must be a combination between NoFap and training.

The keys to my success have been the following:

  • Learn about the science behind addictions. There are several resources.
  • Work in Sprints (set myself small goals and once I accomplished them challenge myself further. I began with 2 weeks, then 4, then 8. Now I’m going for 90days)
  • Join a community I use R Tribe, which has been great for me.
  • Act as a role model to your AP. This has helped me keep my word. If I fail I’m not only failing to myself but to the others that I interact with.
  • Love yourself. At the end of the day, I see all of this as an act of self-love. I need to take care of myself if I want to achieve my different visions and goals.

Best wishes on your journeys.

Everyone can do this.

Cheers, Oscar

LINK – Successful 63 Days

by Oswatazki