Age 28 – Needed 200 days, bald spot fading, skin and digestion better


[I got] a haircut. And after the job was done, I noticed to my delight that my balding spot is completely gone. I was prematurely going bald for 5 years by now, currently I’m 28 years old. Ever since this current streak, which is the longest I’ve taken, my balding spot just vanished out of nowhere. I’m just looking at the mirror and going ‘wow, what the hell’.

There’s no turning back boys, signs like this is what keeps me going. Besides the physical improvements, a strong social change would be that people are much more attentive and respect me more even if they don’t know me or have any reason to. This isn’t just from women, but both genders.

I started NoFap somewhere in 2015 and it was in very small steps. Like everyone, I was doing 1 week or 2 week streaks, while the effects on me were subtle, it wasn’t a big changer, nothing convincing.

Then I started considering the 90 days reboot. While that was hard, I managed to do it after many failed attempts, but still no strong effects, no superpowers or whatever ( I almost quit NoFap forever from that point ). Only UNTIL this year, I convinced myself to go far beyond the 90 days to see if it’s anything worth.

The real reboot for me was somewhere in the 200+ days of this current streak, that’s when things started improving considerably in a strong physical way. Besides the balding effect reversing, during the 200+ days, my skin improved drastically, my acne vanished ( I was struggling with it my whole life ), my gums stopped bleeding ( every time I brushed my teeth, I would bleed ), my hips would stop hurting ( I had sore hips, legs and sometimes knees for no reason at all ), I had severe pains on my back and joints that just stopped hurting without any change of diet, exercise or seeing any doctor.

On top of those problems being resolved, my skin and eyes have a certain shine to it, not something amazing, but people do notice it and compliment it ( the first one who noticed the shine was my mother ). Another strong physical change was my stomach healing ( lots of cramps and bloating ). Since I had skin problems, I would avoid certain foods that would give me a strong rash, such as milk, sugars, some junk foods and etc. During the 200+ days in the current streak, I was able to eat everything I desired without having any skin outbreaks, stomach cramps or bloating. I traded the pleasure of PMO with the pleasure of being able to finally enjoy food without any repercussions, that’s an amazing trade I would say.

While this might sound daunting for people who just started, please don’t feel discouraged if your streak doesn’t show any changes, sometimes it takes a bit longer than the default 90 days, please be patient with yourselves.

In fact I will say that the 90 days reboot is mostly fake, if you want to see strong changes, you have to go beyond that.

Notice how I don’t talk about superpowers or anything, I will only talk about physical changes since that’s what both you and others will instantly notice, it’s the start of real change.

Anyway I’m going a little too long on this reply. Hope it helps and thank you. I will say for sure that this NoFap thing is definitely worth it no matter how long it takes.

When you start you go ‘oh I’m not that addicted‘, then you realize how bad your situation was as your streaks get longer, this was me in spades.

Not only that, after the addiction and urges slowly gets diminished as the days ramp up, as you go more and more into a longer streak, more hidden depths of you surface out, things you haven’t even realized that were a problem start showing up. This happens even to this day, the fight is never over.

This is what keeps me going in NoFap, maybe I’ll discover even more hidden depths and hidden issues that never occurred to me. I want to see what new things I’ll discover about myself.

Also for me, the wet dreams still happen but in much lesser frequency than before. In my shorter streaks ( less than 90 days ), I had 1 or 2 wet dreams every week. During the longer streaks like this current one, my wet dreams diminished to once every few months.

My hair got a little thicker during NoFap. Plus it grows much faster than before, especially the beard.

The eyelash thing is funny, people tell me I have long eyelashes like that of a girl. But I learned that most men have good eyelashes, since women tend to ruin theirs with makeup.

As it turns out I only needed more time. My situation was a bit more worse than the regular.

90 days is a good guideline, but not the end-all, that’s what I am trying to say.

It is genetics. I’ll give you more background maybe you’ll find some clues. All the men from my family went bald, my father and my grandfathers from both sides. I have 2 brothers and a sister, the eldest brother ( in his 40s ) is very bald like my father. The middle brother is not ( in his 30s ), my sister ( in her 30s ) has hair loss and thinning hair problems, I’m the youngest ( in my 20s ) and I was prematurely balding.

The zinc information I got was from my sister. She took zinc supplements and helped her a lot with hair regrowth. My eldest brother who is very bald, is pretty much a sex addict, he dates A LOT of women. My middle brother has no baldness, he currently possesses a very thick voluminous hair, he is also into NoFap like me and is a massive gym rat, eats healthy and lives a very good life, his hair is amazing, also he has no girlfriend and doesn’t want one.

So me and my middle brother are the odd ones in the family that have no balding problems ( at least only recently for me ), yet genetics would prove otherwise. So maybe there might be a cure, albeit not the easiest one that’s for sure. I’m currently striving to be more like my middle brother as the days pass.

I think at some point I’m just going to bite the bullet and shave my head completely. Best way to deal with balding is to own it, and not give a shit. (Nofap can definitely help with not giving a shit!)

That was my initial plan as well!

I started NoFap in 2015, I got really hardcore into exercising, cold showers, eating healthy, pretty much what everyone advises in this subreddit. I became very disciplined.

Ironically right now in 2017, I’m not doing all of that as much anymore, sometimes for weeks long, I’m much more lazy now, which for this subreddit, that is a sin in a way. The reason being is, I was too hard on myself, I pushed myself way too much.

Guess why? I wanted the results fast! I wanted the superpowers, the girls, the attention, the success, until at one point I got way too stressed out and collapsed mentally. That was a big mistake on my part.

Because I don’t want that to happen again, I’m taking a much more relaxed approach, enjoying my life how I can, not chasing something too hard, but working towards a goal through patience and not forcing things as I did in the past. Guess what, that worked wonders, doing stuff at my own pace, even if slow, helped tremendously. Stress in itself was a massive trigger for me during my NoFap Journey. Ultimately this is about accepting yourself as you are and how your life is. Patience is really really important, patience with yourself.

Right now I’m trying not to get too lazy. I do have to say that reading and watching podcasts are probably my main discipline routes right now.

Unfortunately, this part is still a work in progress for me. I am currently unemployed.

I can find a job, but right now all my attention and time is spend on taking care of my sick mother, who hasn’t been doing well for the past several years. In the meantime I study a lot and work on improving myself.


LINK – So I went to take a haircut.

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