Age 28 – Nofap and financial success


I’m on the verge of a product launch and all lights say that it’s good. My numbers are checking out, the interest is there and I’m on the verge of doing a big launch that can change my entire life. This shit works.

I’ve had to take a ton of risk and do things that I couldn’t do otherwise. This NoFap thing works and if you can fall back on your sexual confidence (which is in fact creative confidence), you’ll be able to do the same.

I’ve been doing this for awhile and I expect this launch to do $60k

I’ll update the results on Tuesday night during the official launch. I don’t want to disclose my product or identity because I’d prefer to keep my former porn addiction a secret. But there’s more to this than just attracting girls. Trust me, no one loves women more than I do, maybe just as much, but not more – and I see that sex is just a small part of it.

How long have I been experimenting with NoFap? For about 5 years now. The first 90 days I saw profound effects and dramatic progress with my business, which tapered off, because I achieved my goal (sleeping with any woman.) I slept with a ton of girls, orgasms every time, and as a result, my life crashed and burned.

People don’t want to hear this, but sleeping with random girls is just as bad as porn, if not worse Much better to find a good, faithful girl you can trust and to engage in productive sex, if that makes sense.

I just restarted again, and I’m only going to sleep with a woman I love, and I’m only going to ejac. when I’m ready to produce a child. Hardcore, I know, but I have to be like this.

Benefits? NoFap puts together the pieces of my life and take action (hence the term, he has his shit together.)

I used porn in 7th grade but it got heavy toward the latter years of high school, it got super bad in college – and I probably missed out on a ton of potential gorgeous wives because of it. At the same time, I’ve probably dodged some major bullets as well, so who knows. I’ve been into MO every since I can remember, however.

[Message to a 16-year old] I got started at 18. 28 now, when I look back. PMO is the reason for my inconsistent income. (And developing relationships with indescribably frustrating, immoral women.) As far as NoFap it’s probably more critical at my age.

Your sex drive probably bounces off the walls. I remember at your age, seeing cleavage on my crush would change the entire spectrum of my day. Not so much now, haha. Still. If you keep with this, you can be anything you want.

LINK – NoFap Creates Financial Success

By OMGtheLove