Age 28 – PIED: Finally had successful sex after many years!


Last night I had successful sex! I met a girl yesterday and we hit it off and went out last night. Went back to her place. Stayed hard pretty much the whole time!! Ahhhhh so happy!!!

Only problem was I had quite a bit of alcohol and couldn’t cum I think because of that, but its fine. The fact that I stayed hard and lasted 40ish minutes after all that alcohol(5 fireball shots, 1 beer, and 2 jack and cokes in the span of 3 hours, yes I’m on vacation don’t judge lol) and was fine and felt great is a HUGE difference for me. I seriously had full blown pied, and was nervous as fuck anytime sex came up with anyone for fear of not performing. Maybe the alcohol helped with the nerves a bit, who knows. Next time I will be just fine I think!

I really do appreciate all the help and advice from everyone here. Saved my sex life. I can’t thank you guys and this subreddit enough. 🙂

LINK – Finally had successful sex after many years!

by Karatebro


AT 34 DAYS – 34 day report

Well, I’m just about at 35 days, my longest streak so far. 28 years old, been addicted to porn my whole life. I went 35 days of no PMO, caffeine, nicotine, and using MrHappys uridine stack(to help repair the brain). I have noticed many benefits, and for the most part I feel good, not really any depression. There are times where I get up early and I feel great, and there are times I don’t, but it’s ok. I think that what really helped me breeze this far so quick this time around, is definitely the uridine stack and the stimulants. My days feel like they go by quicker, which is great.

So on to the benefits I have noticed so far. 1. More energy. I feel like I can do more stuff on less sleep, and I’m not yawning 24/7 with sleepy eyes anymore. I am now wide awake.

  1. I communicate more and people listen to what I have to say. People laugh at my jokes, they to hang out with me, and I enjoy all of this now. Before I would shun myself away from people.
  2. I can now achieve an erection without porn by stroking it for a very short time. Only did this once. Not 100% tho, but about 85-90%. No, I did go any further then that, just needed to see if I could. This is great news, took over a month.
  3. My eyes look more alive and my voice is much deeper. I have had comments on both. Girls will stare into my eyes when I’m talking to them, and I have had a few girls comment on my voice, and it shocked me. I like it.
  4. I go out more. I go out by myself sometimes when no ones around, I don’t care. I’ll go out and meet people, because that’s what I feel I need to do. I’ll go to bars and clibs by myself. Sometimes I’ll go out and feel wierd being by myself and no one to talk to, but other times I have met people and had an amazing time, it’s hit or miss.
  5. Morning wood is hit or miss, but is coming back. Also had blue balls for only like the 2nd time of my life. I was texting this girl and it got a little dirty, next thing I knew my balls hurt and I had a little precum come out. Wtf? This was on day 33. I definitely know my body is changing.
  6. Much better posture, strength, and my body doesn’t ache anymore. I feel good.

Anyways this is only day 34. I’m going to 100 and beyond. I will make an updated report then.



INITIAL POST – Starting day 14 and I quit literally everything.

Hey yall I’m new here but been following for a while reading stories to help with my motivation on my reboot. I’m 28, very little sexual experience, about 80% of my sexual encounters I’ve had PIED. I really can’t allow myself to fail this reboot. This is the one and only reboot I’m doing, and I’m doing everything.

To be honest there was a lot of things I wanted to quit, and I’ve quit them all at once(so far). I do believe I’m over the really bad part seeing as I literally changed my lifestyle overnight, and just barely starting to see the light.

For Dec 8 I went pornfree, started nofap, quit nicotine(dipping) and quit all sources of caffeine. Started hitting the gym on day 1 and have been 4 days a week with weightlifting. Also eating better, cooking most my meals. Also started day 1 with Mr Happys Uridine Stack(helps repair the brain).

There were so many things in my life I felt I needed to give up and also start, that I figured I would pick just 1 day to do it all at once! I have tried to do this all a few times before and failed, I could never quit everything all at once. Since I started taking the Uridine Stack for some reason I can more easily control my urges to look at porn or masturbate, so that has most definitely helped. I have also used caffeine and nicotine lightly so I didn’t feel much withdrawal symptoms from quitting those. I do have to say that quitting everything all at once hit me like a truck, and for the first 2-3 days I was sleeping 12-14 hours, and feeling really tired throughout the rest of the day. Also I looked like shit too, literally the first few days I lost the color in my face and felt really dehydrated. I’m just starting to see my looks returning to normal and getting better. My mood is also starting to stabilize a bit, and my morning wood is starting to return. So these are some signs that my health is getting better, but I know I’m not anywhere near where I want to be yet, but I will get there.

Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself and tell somebody about everything I’m doing so far since I have no one in real life to tell or talk to about what I’m doing. Thanks for reading.