Age 28 – PIED, social anxiety gone, self esteem on the mend, no longer suicidal

I hit the 6 months mark today. A clean streak, not a single urge or a single peek. I’m 28, been using since 16. I was a very bad case, I ended up isolating myself from everyone, completely numb, depressive, suicidal in 2012.

Probably one of the worst cases of PIED you can find, horrible social anxiety when I was binging….I was really fucked up.

Thank god I randomly discovered yourbrainonporn one day. My social anxiety is almost gone, I have more energy, I can wake up easily in the morning, I’m not depressed anymore, I’m very optimistic about the future, I know where I’m heading, I’ve made a plan for the next few years and I’m going to follow it. My PIED is also cured

It feels so good to have absolutely nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.

I realized it all comes down to self esteem. Abstaining alone won’t bring you self esteem.

Self esteem is something that is earned over a long period of time through hard work, self discipline and consistency. You need to find a hobby in which you can make progress, challenge yourself, and have a sense of accomplishment when you hit your goals.

You need to be excited to wake up in the morning to do that thing, you need to be fucking obsessed about it. Don’t half ass it.

Here’s what I’ve been obsessed with these last few months:

On the left I was a depressed, porn addicted, slightly chubby, socially anxious guy. Now a lot of things have improved, but I still have a lot of things I need to work on. It takes time

Go for yours, don’t bullshit yourself. Abstaining alone won’t change a thing I can guarantee that. Even if you manage to abstain a year or more, if you don’t have anything else to replace your porn habbit, you”ll end up relapsing eventually.


LINK – Wow….6 months today….

by Bamboulechat