Age 28 – Successful Sex. Finally!

I started NoFap because I had really bad PIED. I struggled performing for the past year and it has been terrible for my confidence with women.

Even before the PIED really set in I found that I lost a lot of sensitivity and had a hard time reaching orgasm.

Well this past weekend I finally “got it up” and it stayed up. I lasted all of about 2 minutes but it was great! I felt like a teenager again (28 now).

I started with a 14 day streak.

Then 55 days.

Then 13 days.

And now 35 days.

So far I haven’t experienced any wet dreams or “morning wood.” Which I was expecting before I was able to perform again. So it was a nice surprise when I told the girl I was with that I was finally “ready.”

I know I’m still heeling. I plan on keeping this current streak going forever. And it has not been easy.

But I do feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

If you’re suffering from PIED I know how much it sucks. But keep fighting. There is light at the end of tunnel.

LINK – Successful Sex. Finally!


by mdlf2386