Age 28 – The devastating depression & social anxiety are gone. Way more energy, clarity, & confidence.

I’ve done several streaks before, lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to about a month. This streak has been incredible though!! I almost forgot to even write this post because I’ve been so occupied with life!!

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Social anxiety – gone. I simply just don’t feel like a weirdo or a creep anymore and I don’t care what people think about me.

Confidence – huge increase in confidence. Making small-talk with people everywhere, especially the gym. I’m meeting more people and making more connections. I’m not scared of the cute girls at the front desk at the gym anymore!

Eagerness to explore – I feel more eager to go out into the world and try new things. Started going to a weekly toastmasters meeting to work on my public speaking skills and meet new people, despite some of my friends thinking it’s “dumb” or “lame.” They can think whatever they want though!

Depression – I used to be insanely depressed and felt bipolar. However, I feel like an entirely different person now. The devastating depression I once had just isn’t there anymore. I actually feel consistently good for the first time in my life. Sure I sometimes still feel down, but I can deal with it now and appreciate the fact that my feelings are pure. It’s tough to explain I guess.

Personal note: I treated my ex girlfriend like shit and could rarely even get hard for her because of PMO. It made her feel terrible, unattractive, and unwanted. I was so selfish and such an asshole, always treating her like an object for my pleasure instead of a human with feelings. I never want to put anyone through that ever again!!

Energy – way more energy! So much energy.. Workouts are insane. I finish all my chores and cleaning really fast and have time to do other productive things like read or write.

Sleep – going to bed is a little more difficult due to all the excess energy. Takes me awhile to go to sleep, but I wake up early with energy ready to start the day. I also dream a lot more now. It’s awesome!

Clear-minded/memory/no fog – I feel good. My mind is clear and a lot more sharp. I can think clearly and don’t have to stumble around forever trying to think of the right thing to say. I can read and retain what I’ve read much better than before.

These are just some of the main things I’ve noticed so far. I really hope it helps encourage anyone struggling with PMO. It’s a battle, but it’s worth the fight to overcome. Good luck everyone!!

28 years old.

LINK – 30 Day Report!!!

by Pktin