Age 28 – The energy & enthusiasm inside me is never ending


I had an inferiority complex before nofap. I used to believe that I’m useless compared to others. Depression & suicidal thoughts were general thing. Could not have eye contact with anybody. Now I’m stress free & don’t give a fuk about troubles. Now I’m in peace with myself. The energy & enthusiasm inside me is never ending.

Lost 15kgs. Now BMI is 24. Blood pressure levels came down to 119/86. Developed 6pack abs by using an roller numerous times. I [quit porn] it to succeed in personal & professional front.

My motivation for September is “I’ll make myself worthy of the woman in my mind”……Don’t chase women make them chase you. Learn basic body language skills. Improve yourself to perfection. Don’t get disheartened by rejection. Do some productive work. Complete 90+days first to experience the real benefits.

Stay calm & do productive work wait for right moment. It’s not wise chase butterflies. Make your garden so beautiful that a lot of butterflies come to your garden.

I feel like a teenager again. I don’t give a fuk to women. People chase them. I don’t. I have better & exciting things to do now

Yup, [I’m very proud of myself]. Even others can notice it. I discovered this subreddit when I was on day 15 & rest is history. Surprise thing is that only once I crossed 90+ days mark in a decade. My current streak is my all tym best. I got both encouraged & trolled here, but without this awesome platform & comrades I wouldn’t have come this far. Let’s hope the camaraderie lasts forever.

Yesterday I went to a mobile phone shop to buy simcard for 4g connection. There were all female staffs. I talked with this average girl for 10min., but joined by 3 other cute girls. There were other customers in the shop, but these girls didn’t give a damn about it.

I received very unnecessary attention. Worst thing was that simcard was not available, but they recommended other shops in town to help me. It was very intense eye contact. I always give special attention to body language.

but I got good response from no fap streaks only. More surprising thing is that I had a wet dream the day before. Even on day one I have the potential to make some women crazy. If I had fapped I would not make eye contact.

I’m 28.

LINK – Fatal attraction from women

by theshield28