Age 28 – Women are super beautiful, Music is Wonderful, I am more creative

I have traversed the universe. Gone to hell and back. I have loved and have been destroyed. I have learned the secrets of what my heart and mind have to offer.

I have cried at the foot of the pillar of the temple of my heart. I am nothing and everything at once. And now I understand what it means to be human and free.

Here are the differences that I have noticed:

  • Music is Wonderful
  • Women are like super beautiful
  • No longer aroused by porn or even feel that tingle when you accidentally see it
  • I am more willing to be active 
  • I am more creative
  • I have dealt with many very tough feelings from when I was a kid because I couldn’t hide behind PMO as a blanket of comfort.

There is a chance for you to reach this too as a person who is completely addicted and reliant on porn. Success is just out of reach, it is just beyond the darkness where you cannot see. It requires you to let go of the safety of the railing… Let go and see where you can go.

I promise the worst thing that can happen is you being where you are now. Take the leap, love yourself and make sure you enjoy every fucking second of it!

LINK – 60-day report

by Macaframa