Age 29 – 2 years: Almost every aspect of my life has changed for the better.

I can honestly say this is one of the best things I have done with my life. I only wish I had started this ten years ago, and I wonder how different things could have been, but nothing can be done about it now, and I can calmly accept it now.

I’ve just logged in after a long while and have noticed that the badge says 300 days. This is not the first time I’ve hit this mark. My previous best was 330+ days or so (260 before that, 180, 110, 87, 64, 45, 22 etc).

Two or three years ago, I would not have been able to.

I don’t know what to say, other than the fact that almost every aspect of my life has changed for the better. I’m taller, my physique is much, much better even though I don’t lift any weights (I run, play sports and meditate), my skin shines, my hair is smoother, my eyes glow, but most importantly, my mind is so much more clearer, and very quick.

I’m now again imaginative like I was when a kid. Just ask me any questions you might have so I can be more specific with my answers.

LINK – 300 days! Benefits and advice.

by permagloom


EARLIER POST (almost 2 years ago) Should have started this ten years ago.

Anybody else feel this? It pains me thinking about what I would have become by now if I had started this ten years ago. I’m 27, and my life is in shambles, although I’m picking up the pieces slowly.