Age 29 – Anxiety, depression, insomnia, OCD gone


I’m turning 30 in couple of months.. this journey began when I turned 27. Something hit me, like a quarter life crisis. I was overweight.. 230 lbs, I’m now 175 lbs. I was lethargic, body ached everywhere and could hardly move when I woke up on morning. Was full of anxiety, panic, depression, all sorts of mental disorders like OCD, ticks/jerks, insomnia, irritability, chronic internal discomfort, no eye contact, etc.. now they are all gone.

When I turned 27 I immediately quit vaping (nicotine), quit coffee, quit meat/dairy/eggs/processed junk (I’m vegan), quit beer which I drunk every night.. I bought expensive craft beer only from local breweries and drank it every night​ usually with 2 whole pizzas from Domino’s after work then i’d watch porn and fap then fall asleep and wake up next morning all messed up.. usually began morning with vape, then McDonalds breakfast and coffee, then work my shit job all day, then eat heavy lunch – usually McDonald’s again, taco bell, or fried chicken.

It was brutal hell quitting all these things all at once.. but I survived and now I’m optimal. I sleep only 6 hours /night. Do yoga every morning, then calisthenics workout at gym wearing 40lb weighted vest (I’m shredded).

Ask me anything.. about quitting addictions I’m proud to say I understand the brain rewiring process in depth. Also.. my testosterone levels are at MAX level.. I have never ever before known what masculinity felt like until now.. I feel like a man.. never scared and never have anxiety.. I figured out how to have highest test levels possible. Also I learned meditation. There’s too much to write so ask what you wanna know.

Also, when forgot to mention when I said no ejaculations doesn’t mean no orgasms. After I did the hard mode reboots for 30-90 days with no ejaculations or dry orgasms whatsoever.. I realized this wasn’t sustainable for rest of life.. the sexual energy is just too much. So I learned to separate ejaculation from orgasm. With ejaculations i’d completely lose my life force am will take minimum 1 week for libido to comeback and gave erections again. But if u figure out how to have dry orgasms and do it only at night before bed you will only lose a tiny bit of ur “charge” but strategically done before bedtime allows u overnight to recover and by morning when I wake I always have erections and libido is back.

After 1 week of 0 porn and 0 fap the charge is built right back up and u feel optimal just as if you went 60 days. Erection is back and libido is very high. But as I said in earlier comment after 3 years of this.. I learned ejaculation free dry orgasms done only at night before bed usually every 4 days and the charge is built back up by morning.

[No partners the first two years.] But by year 3 I was fully recovered and felt extreme confidence in my abilities.. I am very social now and have a few partners.. and last a very long time in bed and never ejaculate, only finish with a dry orgasm. I’m heavy into tantra.

LINK – Successful 3 years no porn, no ejaculations. Ask me anything.

By beast_brain