Age 29 – Be a man, because women love men


I struggled with pornography for a long time; I can finally say, I’ve defeated it. This rebooting process has been an enlightening experience for me, so I quickly want to give a word of encouragement for anyone willing to listen.

During this process, I’ve lifted weights, ran a successful company and even met someone while performing a workout. My advice to you is to keep yourself busy. You can read books as I’ve done, or you can walk, or you can spend time speaking to girls or your family or making more money with your chosen career. I also follow BasedZeus via YouTube, he can be helpful to your development as a man.

Women love masculine men, which is great for us due to the fact that there’s a shortage of these type of men. Finally, a girlfriend must be akin to a supplement to a great life; so volunteer, read books, exercise to get bigger muscles, even play video games if necessary; just focus on giving back and living a great life and I promise you, you’ll receive things when you least expect them; things happened to me, it’ll happen to you too. Be ballsy, not a pussy. Be blessed and highly favored, not cursed. Be a man, because women love men. Be safe!

I’m 29 years old. Other benefits include the following: deeper voice, higher levels of testosterone and self-confidence, mental acuity and perception increases, etc. I’ve been experimenting with this since October 13. [Just over a month]


By SupremeSteve6