Age 29 – Finally 90: 3 Year journey, what worked for me and what didn’t

I’ve been attempting to get off Porn since about 2013. My first streak I combined with nofap and made it 64 days (I had a gf at the time) and it was hard. Then after that the most I could make it was maybe a month and then I’d slip again, although each time my porn consumption got less and less. Here are some insights I learned and what finally got me there:

  • Alcohol/Drugs: The day after partying lying around being hungover was a surefire way for me to slip, I eventually just cut this out 99%.
  • Switching to a flip phone: This really helped, not only was my bill super cheap but it broke my phone addiction
  • Getting off the dating apps: These were a trigger, obviously
  • Having a bad day: This is by far the greatest insight I found, whenever I had a bad day or had to experience uncomfortable feelings I would find an excuse to Fap to porn. Basically I used it as an escape to avoid feeling some kind of emotional pain, but now I’ve gotten use to it.
  • Limiting computer/TV time: I ended up making a schedule and limiting my gaming/tv time to only a few hours a day, and made sure I bettered myself other hours of the day (reading, working out, learning something new) I actually put on about 30 pounds of muscle and look really good now
  • Sticking to a daily schedule: I stuck to an hourly daily schedule, this helped a lot.

Finally, this was the best strategy I discovered to get me to 90 days and I’m not sure why I was so against it, maybe because I thought I was strong enough to do both at the same time:

  • Doing Pornfree without NoFap for the first 90 days: I, like a lot of others, wanted to fix this problem as quickly as possible, but addiction doesn’t work like that; it’s not a rash you can put lotion on for it to go away. Doing NoFap and PornFree was always setting me up for failure, so I decided I would do pornfree without NoFap the first 90 days and see where it got me. It was pretty easy, whenever I had an urge I just fapped it out thinking about real life situations or girls. Eventually the urges subsided and I just did it for fun. By the end of 90 days my stamina was increased and I was a lot stronger and I got to the point where I don’t even think about porn or the porn I’m missing out on. Now that I’ve made it 90 days I plan to go another 90 days this time with NoFap, although I don’t know if it’s fully necessary at this point.

I’m 29, and I think the first time I fapped was to porn when I was maybe like 15. I’d say around 21-25 is when I went from a casual user to a heavy user. Around 25 I started thinking that it may be affecting me, and then while I was looking for porn on reddit I came across this sub.

The thing that sucked for me is by age 25 I was to smooth for my own good and literally had girls breaking into my house to be with me, only to turn them away or upset them because I had PIED. I had to sacrifice a lot to get here while keeping my reputation in-tack. I know this isn’t the case with some guys, but it just really stressed me out, but finally I just completely left the dating scene until I could get here. Now that I’m going into another 90 days, this time with no fap, I set up some relationships to help me get through and will probably date again, although it really is a pain :P.

Best of luck everyone.

Edit: Moral of the story was disciplining myself in other aspects of my life allowed me to finally reach my goal.

LINK – Finally 90: 3 Year journey, what worked for me and what didn’t

by Recovery2015