Age 29 – Finally orgasmed from sex after 7 years. This is how I fixed my PIED.


I’ve had EXTREME PIED (total limp-dick except when I masturbate myself). I haven’t been able to have sex without sildenafil for years, which gives me erections but I still can’t orgasm from sex. I always finish using my own hand.

Anyways, I started this NoFap thing 26 days ago.

Here are my rules:

  1. No porn.
  2. No masturbating, even during sex. (I need to make sure I’m not desensitizing my penis)
  3. No fantasizing, even during sex. (this is a porn-alternative that activates the same neural pathways as porn).
  4. Sex with people is allowed. (Having normal sex will encourage rebuilding the normal neural pathways and avoiding the porn-created pathways).

I’ve been having random semi erections once in a while for the past few days. There have been some failed attempts at intercourse and a couple times I took sildenafil and had sex but no orgasm as usual. Throughout this time, I never masturbated or looked at any porn or porn-alternatives. I did my best to avoid any fantasizing at all.

Finally, today, I had sex without sildenafil and then actually achieved orgasm. It was such an awesome feeling. I haven’t experienced that in over 7 years! It’s like being in a wheelchair for 7 years and then suddenly getting up and walking again! I had tears in my eyes. I used to think I’d never be able to fix myself but now I have!

The erection still isn’t 100% and doesn’t remain strong throughout but it’s enough to be able to penetrate. I’m gonna continue with my NoFap, following the same rules as stated above, and I think it will only get better for me.

😀 YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LINK – Day 30 – Finally orgasmed from sex after 7 years. (Age: 29). This is how I fixed my PIED.

by Limp Biscuits

BY – Limp Biscuits