Age 29 – Had PIED. I would say part of my problem was also performance anxiety


I was 23 when I first went on this journey…now I am 29. You can look at my previous posts if you want to see more, but I had ED and my only sexual experience was with porn, and masturbating almost every day. The streaks were a good starting point, and I would have definitely been cured quicker if I had more discipline.

The first streak of 30 days was an eye opener of what I was missing. I felt different; my erections were much harder than before. Porn had made me just a foggy mess with low self-esteem, although I have to say my whole lifestyle probably had a big influence with my sexuality.

At some point I thought I was absolutely doomed, I managed to get my first ever girlfriend, and the entire time we were together (1 year) I had ED every single time. I eventually had to break things off because of the stress of it all but it left me ruined. This relationship was 4 years after I had discovered the harm of porn on the brain. I thought I would never be able to get over this mess.

Eventually I found a new girl, who I felt more relaxed with and to my surprise things have gone smoothly, no ED at all. I have never even managed 90 days of no PMO but one thing I did do was at least cut the PMO from every day to about once or twice a fortnight. Probably why I took so long to heal.

Quitting daily porn use was a God send to me, but you have to implement other changes to your life to get results. I stopped playing computer games and went marathon training instead. Eventually, I noticed I was becoming more interested in life, and for the first time since I was a child, I began to get excited about things again.

Finding the right girl is a must too. I was lucky that the girl im with now was very understanding, and the first few times we did have sex, I wasn’t 100% hard and sometimes lost my erection. She was not bothered and when I felt this, and calmed my nerves, I was good to go. I would say part of my problem was performance anxiety, sex feels completely different to porn. You have to get used to what it’s like and then your brain will begin to crave it and over time the erections will get stronger, and the anxiety will lesson. For the first time in my life, I feel normal!

I think everyone is different, but just don’t be afraid to have a go, and if you fail at first, keep on trying. The brain is mysterious, my changes I think were slow at the beginning, but the last couple of years things have got a lot better.

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by fragile