Age 29 – I actually accomplish goals and see tasks through


I have been addicted to PMO for over 10 years now. I’m on day 50 of my Fap Free life and things are going well.

My previous longest was 23 days back in February and before that had never been more than 14 days in 5+ years. Sorry if I’m not very eloquent but I will try to share how I got here.

The key for me is focusing on good habits and hobbies that help me feel better about myself. Such as working out, learning ballroom dancing, learning martial arts, reading my scriptures, and hanging out with the opposite sex.

If I did too much of netflix, movies, video games, or surfing the net (including reddit), I found myself titillating myself with pictures of attractive women and almost losing my streak.

Even though some days I’m not as productive as I could be it is still way better than the depressive state I was in. I have definitely seen the progress in my life. Every promise I have made to myself I have fulfilled. I actually accomplish goals and see tasks through. I notice the positive aspects of my life more.

I did notice a post about someone that did nofap but got no results and I think we have to be mindful about what you are replacing the bad with. When giving up fapping, what is there really to give up? Fapping is like a candy bar, just a momentary pick me up to get you by until the next pick me up. When in reality it doesn’t give you anything of value to fap. So when someone says nofap did nothing for them, I think it’s a lie to themselves to justify their sadness when there is another reason for it. I replaced fapping with good things and started new hobbies and that is how I have come to be a lot happier.

LINK – Day 50, life is good

by RedUniform