Age 29 – I feel great, no superpowers, but anxiety is mostly gone. I feel like a normal person and most important

Just a little feedback about my first goal achieved. I started on 23 October last year after two fap session in a row. It wasn’t the first time but the first time I tried since I knew about NoFap. The tries I did before ended up by a relapse here is why:

  • Loneliness (broke up with girlfriend and lost many friends because of this toxic relationship
  • I was jerking off just because i had no girlfriend and it was “removing” stress, mostly when I was bored when a slight urge was about to show up,
  • Didn’t know about the consequence of confidence, physical damages,
  • Alcohol, when you’re back from a night out, slightly drunk, alone,
  • Videos with beauties making everything you dream of, it’s really addictive, you look for a new girl every time, just because you can’t have much in real life.

And that day in October after reading this site and thinking about all of this it clicked. Here is why:

  • Could remember a time when I had a girlfriend, there was a period for more than two weeks long that I couldn’t even get a boner, seriously even when trying to jerk, trying everything, like it was dead.. I didn’t know where it was from, I asked a specialist and for him everything was ok and said i was maybe a bit tired or stressed.
  • Noticed that every time I fapped I felt really really weird, weird look into my eyes, social anxiety even with family (not really good for confidence),
  • Acting like I always had something to hide, on my phone, laptop, creepy as hell, can understand that a girl can’t live with a “man” like this,
  • Impact on real sexual life, i had a real sexy girlfriend ( behavior is another story), but I didn’t want to fuck her sometimes, because i felt tired evey time. Faping before she visits me.. what a shame,
  • This is serious, it’s killing your energy as well, as intellectual abilities (memory), I can sense it right now and it’s obvious,
  • Getting more time to get busy for real stuff (you can’t imagine all the things you can do in One hour instead of looking for a video that suit to whipe)

Now I feel great, no superpower but anxiety is mostly gone. I feel like a normal person and most important, i feel like i evolve as a man.

But the thing is i don’t think 90 days is enough, I don’t have intense urges or erections as I had in the past before or at the beginning of my porn consumption. At 29 yo I’m not that old right ?

So I stopped Porn, stopped masturbation and didn’t O neither. But I admit it happens to me to fantasize about some girls and thinking about actions with them, is that bad? I guess yeah so I will try to avoid this kind of thoughts and pursue my quest for as long as I can.

Honestly it was hard maybe for three weeks, then kind of easy when you get busy enough to don’t think about it. Just think about why you decided to stop.

Since a week I start to have sexual dreams, the first was so real! When I woke up I was pretty sure I had an orgasm but didn’t. The second two days ago I was clearly doing my mattress unconsciously ahahah, I woke up and stopped before the mistake. Did this happen to you?

Also I made few commitments last year such as “try” to keep exercising regularly, eat healthy, stop fapping, work harder, leaving parents to live by myself, waste less time on facebook. So i did complete four of this goals. This year I’ll try to succeed on others

Good luck to you guys.




LINK – 90 days today.

by Lesoldat