Age 29 – I feel younger & full of life, Clearer thoughts, I can hold a conversation with women and people in general, Deeper voice, Better posture

Found out about nofap about 2 years ago ended up having a 30 day streak. Then I relapsed and kept pmoing for a year and half or so until my buddy from work was like, “If you don’t masturbate, it’ll make you stronger.” Or something along those lines. But I got the idea that he could sense something. Like I was giving off some weak ass vibes.

I got back on the nofap train, had a few streaks. My highest this run was 43 days. Then a bunch of 1 week streaks. This is the longest streak in a while and I really want to push this as far as I can go.

I’ve had ups and downs during this time. After one week I felt like I was on top of the world. I went to a club and made out with a girl. Went on a date but nothing really developed from that relationship wise. Then I had severe depression on days 15-17, and I really needed a friend (girl) to tell this too. After telling her, she was supportive and the depression went away like it was never there.

I called some old friends that I haven’t talked to in years. Got invited to a party, which I actually wanted to go to, to socialize with people. Had an amazing time. My goal wasn’t to pick anyone up at the party. Though I probably should have cause all the girls were flirting with me. Well not all of them but you get the point haha.


I set goals for myself. My current goals are to quit my addictions that are keeping me from living life to the fullest. These include; porn/masturbation, weed, video games. Mainly those three I’m working on. They are my trifecta of ultimate loneliness and serve me no purpose other than to distract me and make dull my consciousness.

SUPER POWERS (Everyone’s favourite)

  • I notice women more, I swear every girl I walk by flips her hair. This never used to happen before. Definitely attribute to nofap.
  • Aliveness, alertness, my eyes looks different.
  • I feel younger and full of life even though I’m older (29) – when I was 23 pmoing all the time I literally felt like an old man
  • Clearer thoughts
  • Better skin
  • I can hold a conversation with women and people in general. No anxiety. Well a little at times but it’s slowly fading as the days go by and my streak increases. (more reason not to relapse).
  • I don’t get irritated as easily. (When something would annoy me I would get snappy) Now I have better control over my emotions
  • Deeper voice
  • I speak with more confidence
  • Better posture (I have to actually practice this, but It feels more natural to be upright and makes me feel more confident so pluses all around)

Got severely rejected the other day. I was a little bummed out about it, but I’m starting… just starting to not give a flying fuck! Hurray!

I always thought my social anxiety was due to smoking weed for so many years and that it was irreversible. I seriously thought I was gonna be anxious forever. It was only half the problem. There is no reason anyone should PMO. I have a new found joy for life and a thirst for adventure.

Your are all awesome for trying this challenge. Stay hungry, be brave and never lose hope.

LINK – 30 day report here – first time posting a thread!

by SexTransformer