Age 29 – I now handle life with strength and charisma


I realize as I look back at this 2 year journey how important it was to see other reports and know it can get better…. I’m 29, single and fighting for a career… And it is all happening, one step at a time.

I have had numerous hard mode streaks going anywhere from 30-60 days, yet recently…well no hard mode ha! I fought each relapse one at a time, learned from each. I sat down and truly envisioned what I want to become and then have taken steps each day to achieve that.

-Semen retention seems to have something to it… Will you fly, no. But honestly the energy is real and those can sense it around you.

-I have been hooking up with women (after a 4+ year hiatus) for the last 6 months…and yes it feels good. I remember a long time ago I became so frustrated with dating I literally said fuck it, I’ll just wank to porn… Well, women are definitely more fun. Seriously.

-Women are just people as well… this is something I have realized with NoFap, women are people. We hear it so often yet truly do not realize how inhuman they become behind that screen. Focus on her and who she is…each has a story and meeting all the different life perspectives is actually enjoyable.

-I handle life with strength and charisma. I no longer hide or complain. This has been incredibly difficult realizing I am the reason for my struggles, so stop complaining and just get it done.

-This is part of a much bigger effort! While cutting this habit out numerous others have surfaced… video games, procrastination and negative thought to name a few. Simply not touching yourself will not bring you happiness. Start focusing on becoming the best man you feel inside yourself. This has been the greatest realization for me. There are so many ways for men to be amazing, focus on what you feel inside and then do it! Not everyone will agree with your dream and that’s ok, this world has many different characters and you get to be one of them!

Guys (and gals), this is unreal how difficult this has been. Truly breaking free of this habit/addiction has been life altering, and this is coming from someone who quit drinking… I have had some incredibly dark days and nights, yet through this struggle I have emerged as a man many times stronger than I ever could have imagined. Please, continue to fight. Believe in yourselves. This does not end, we just become stronger than our previous selves. With that strength you will become something unbelievable…

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by Fledgling_Moose