Age 29 – I started this path to cure my PIED and get my libido up but got a lot more through it all.


I am surprised that I made it this far. This being my first time and all. I started this path to cure my PIED and get my libido up but got a lot more through it all.


  1. Urges have diminished quite dramatically over the past several weeks. My hardest period I would argue was around day 40-60. The way I combatted it surprisingly enough was taking a cold showers right when I got home from work. I came to realize that my routine was come home all stressed out from work and sit down and watch my video of the day. Instead of I took a cold shower immediately and that relieved a lot of the stress from work and urges I had. I can’t say if it is a placebo trick but it’s working for me. Also I like to add I live in a hot weather city in the US.
  2. Mental clarity. I began to see things in my environment clearly. My work productivity jumped quite a bit. My memory is a lot better and my thought patterns when used for work have become sharper. Brain fog didn’t really cloud me much prior to this but I wasn’t any better either.
  3. My dick. I have been getting the occasional morning wood and random boners for the past several weeks. It’s nice to know something is working. Sometimes I go to the restroom and piss I am in a semi or flaccid state. Not dead shrivel-dick there.
  4. Confidence. I know some people talk about increased confidence or special “powers” but I’m not in the same space as this one. I haven’t asked a girl out nor I have tried to hook up with one. Instead I would say my confidence in talking to people (including random strangers) has gotten quite a boost. I occasionally have issues over the phone at work but now I can take on any call. Any person coming up to for questions or help, I have no issues with.


  1. Flat lines. I have had several occasions where I just flat line for days and days. I know it is part of the process but it’s a shitty feeling.
  2. Random triggers. Many people here talk about triggers from various things. Mine is names. That is names of specific girls that I had a hard on for when I watch porn. Every now and then I would see or hear a name and BAM memories. I quickly push it out of my mind.
  3. Random memories. This isn’t from any specific trigger but just random things that come up in my mind. I have learned to tell myself “Ahh…nope!” and move on from it.
  4. Low libido. Still here dude.
  5. PIED. Hard to say considering I am not dating but I get some feelings here and there when I see some girls.

What helped me the most:

  1. The book YBOP by Gary Wilson. I bought a copy to read whenever I have the urge to PMO in the beginning.
  2. This site! Very useful advice, read it several times.
  3. Tell yourself “It will be worth it in the end.” Just tell yourself that whenever you have your moments.

Conclusion: I don’t believe I am cured. As a 10+ year user I believe it will take me longer to cure myself of this and I am in it for the long haul. There really isn’t a set amount of time in my opinion. The way I see it if you want to cure yourself, you do it as long as you can.

LINK – 90 Days IN

by dudechanges