Age 29 – I’m more confident, composed and energetic


I have not fapped for 377 days. What I gained isn’t any superpower like the other fapstranauts. I just have more clarity and freedom from being enslaved by sexual desires. And that itself to me, is already worth the journey.

My thoughts on porn

To me, abstaining from watching porn alone is a good start but that will inevitably make you extra sensitive to hot babes around, so instead of watching digital babes, you will be crazily ogling the real babes as a substitute instead. Some say looking at real girls are less destructive to you compared to the digital version, they claim that porn are just bunch of pixels. This doesn’t make sense to me. After all, every image we see are also bunch of electromagnetic waves, and zooming down to smaller scale, everything we see is also made up of pixels of light input, I don’t see how looking at real girls is superior than girl on screen, both are “sexually arousing visual input” to me.

So, what we need to abstain from isn’t sexually arousing visual input (be it porn or hot babes on street), I think the key is not to “indulge” in those inputs, and do not let those inputs lead us to fapping. What I mean by not “indulging”? It means when we accidentally bumped into any sexually arousing visual input, we should be aware that we have received those inputs, and calmly turn our attention away, not forcefully, just calmly. That way, we are training ourselves to control our attention efficiently, not letting anything easily distract us.

My thoughts on fap

My logic for abstaining from fapping is straightforward, it is for the preservation of energy. I believe many of us have our dreams and visions that we wanna achieve and realize. After sessions of fapping, a significant portion of your energy is drained and wasted, and it is addictive, you have no choice but to come back and waste it again and again. It’s just like a machine that suck your money, and you have to pay that machine again and again because it is addictive. Imagine the freedom that you could gain from abstaining yourself from giving money to that machine (fap), how much more things you can do with that money (energy and time). Energy and time are like money, they are limited resources, if you have something you wanna do in life that requires your energy, don’t waste it on fapping.


What you gain from not fapping and not indulging your attention in sexually arousing visual/audio inputs are simple and straightforward – MORE CONTROL on your: 1. Attention 2. Time 3. Energy

With more control and autonomy, you gain more faith in yourself, and that is manifested externally as being more confident and composed.

I’m 29 years old. Used porn and fapped since 14 years old.

English is not my native language, so pardon me if you find it hard to understand the message I am trying to convey.

LINK – Nofap 377 days : My thoughts on nofap and porn

By nofap377