Age 29 – Improved sexual performance, Less anxiety, Improved focus, Feel more like a man

I’ve made it to 90 days after almost a year and a half of trying. Previously I had been jacking off to porn since I was around 17, although then there wasn’t the access to the porn we have nowadays.

(It was mostly late night channel 5 erotic thrillers).

I’m only 29, relatively young, but it’s worth making the point that porn has moved on a lot since back then both in terms of availability and Internet connection. In short completing the 90 days has been harder than I imagined even though I consider myself to have relatively good will power.

It’s been worth it and has improved my relationship with my GF in a number of ways. Below are some of the benefits I have noticed;

  1. Improved sexual performance with GF
  2. Less anxiety (I have struggled with anxiety since my early 20’s)
  3. More self assurance and confidence in my actions
  4. Improved focus in conversations and more engaged with people
  5. Feeling I have the edge over others in terms of clarity of thought
  6. Feel more like a man
  7. Less insecurity
  8. Less jealous of others
  9. Able to think much quicker
  10. Greater clarity over future

I’m going to keep going with no fap, it’s far better not PMO’ing than doing so. Simple as that, no two ways about it. Something I can improve going forward is trying to get more exercise, that’s my new target.

Peace out for now everyone. Best of luck to you all.

LINK – 90 day report – benefits

by thunderinthevalley


UPDATE – 180 days completed

2 x 90 completed. Never thought I’d make it this far. Head feels a lot clearer, better confidence, less anxious…keep going guys. Don’t be like everyone else, do something different, gain an edge and think outside the box. That’s what No Fap is about, not doing the obvious.


UPDATE – 365 days fap free

I finally made it to year on nofap. I started my journey of self discovery on 1st February 2015. Previous streaks had lasted around the 60 day mark, so this was a big step forward for me. I would say It has changed my life a lot, but in more of a subtle and accumulative way than a lot of people on here describe. Below are some of the changes I have noticed over the last year;

  1. Stronger erections
  2. Better focus
  3. Less anxiety (but not cured)
  4. Better will power
  5. Increased self discipline
  6. Clearer stronger voice
  7. Better clarity of thought
  8. Quicker mind

Overall a good experience, but it’s been a hard journey, with some low points as well. I’ll see where this journey continues to take me…