Age 29 – It’s empowering to talk with women as real, live human beings


100 day milestone! Onward to 200!! Superpowers are real. Been PMOing since 12. 29 now. Soooo many reasons to quit. Would bore you if I listed them all 😉 In a nutshell,

  • [I used to feel] totally out of energy/taking days ‘off’ vs [now] able to cope with each day, even if it’s gruelling.
  • Social anxiety lessened.
  • Really shit self perception vs able to see that there is a path by which I can better myself.
  • Actually talking to women as if we are on an equal footing, and that they are real live human beings with emotions, feelings, complex inner lives. It’s empowering!

LINK – 100 day milestone!

By johnny-reid


UPDATE – 180 days!

I know people say streaks aren’t the way to think about NoFap (and I’m not!), but 180 days! Killing my previous record of 114 days.

Screenshot image of my phone widget..

Flatlines are becoming less ‘flat’. More emotional stability. Started connecting with a beautiful girl! Motivated to do shit. Far less social anxiety. Too many benefits to go back!