Age 29 – I’ve quit it all. Severe Depression 80% gone.

depressed no more

I’ve just about destroyed my depression via Nofap, and in combination with Meditation, this has caused drastic changes in me. Before, my life was a void of numb emotions and looking at life through a tainted lens. I’ve been smoking weed & taking nicotine to help cope with the depression I’ve had for years, and now I’ve quit them. I used these drugs to cope, but I didn’t realise the most sneaky drug that was always there since I was 16 (now 29) was indeed, PMO.

You know that feeling in your stomach when something excites you? Butterflies, i suppose you’d call it. I hadn’t felt that for, probably 4 years. Ever since quitting PMO, I get butterflies when I see a gorgeous woman, I don’t get horny, i get butterflies. That’s absolutely profound for me, considering how my depression had blocked all feeling, and I was only capable of looking at women as sex objects.

It’s really making me question why so many people are depressed today, perhaps it is PMO, all along? Many people are over stimulated by this on demand stimulus that is designed to target our primal centers of the brain, and it’s causing us to lose our humanity.

The Meditation part is also amazing, which i think a lot more people should do. It’s allowed me to become more present, appreciate the beauty of a sunset, or the smells in the air. The little things. I know [no] PMO does this as well, but it’s really profound, how in 3 months, I went from not being able to get an emotional response, from anything, not even death or a car crash would give me any kind of response. No one could scare me.

Now, I tear up to the sound of music, I feel closer to people, video game stories have caused me to become incredibly immersed. I have one final step where I will be 100% cured, and that’s to fall in love, something that has torn at me for years as I’ve dated so many women and can’t form an emotional connection, so I’m back in the game. My humanity is coming back. Thanks /r/NoFap

LINK – I’ve quit it all. Severe Depression 80% gone.

by quittingitall