Age 29 – More confident and grounded

I just hit 100 today as well. I’m so excited about the times to come and looking forward to leaving the habit behind. I’m 29 and a half. I’ve seen benefits yes, but it was after a period of withdrawal so I’m not sure if these are benefits. I’m going to say they are. I’m much more confident, stand up for myself, initiate conversation, am grounded etc.

To be honest with you, I’m just do glad to be out of withdrawal. I’ve had a couple of wet dreams recently which has been different from what I’m used to so excited to see what comes next.

Started nofap due to ED with my perfect woman. I’m hoping to rewire myself away from porn completely and return to baseline no matter how long it takes

LINK –Christmas Eve marks 100 days PMO and alcohol free for me!

By magicloud