Age 29 – More self-confidence, progress after years of trying


First of all I want to express that I’m very happy to finally get to this day. There were many times when I thought I was not going to do it. My friends, It has been difficult I am not going to say the opposite, specially because since I was 12 years old I started masturbating and since I was 14 I started watching porn.

More than half of my life I have been trapped into this, but now for the first time in my life I get to the ninety days line. There were some days that I had very strong urges even without erections, even with a kind of annoying sensation almost on the top of my head, I did some research and apparently the brain’s dopamine receptors are there, so, that encouraged me to think that all that was part of my healing process.

At this point I don’t want to watch porn anymore. I can say that I have learned to rule over my eyes and also my hands because I don’t touch anymore my genitals unnecessarily. However I am still working on mastering my thoughts, my fantasizing and all that. I know that if I master those three things (eyes, hands and thoughts), I’ll be able to completely overcome my addiction and become a better human being.

At the beginning of next year I will turn 30 years old and definitely I want to be free from PMO at that time. Wish me luck and if you are religious keep me in your prayers. Thanks to you all and your advice, believe me that cold showers and push ups have been very useful and in my case praying as well.

Cheers my friends.

LINK – 90 days review.

By Thoroughbred5748