Age 29 – My sensitivity has increased about ten-fold. I get hard just *talking* to my GF.


This has been my most successful attempt, by far, since I went 96 days back in 2014. It’s taken me 2 and a half years to reach this point again, and hitting 90 days again feels great! I can honestly say, though, that my main source of motivation has been my girlfriend. The minute we started dating, I knew the porn watching had to stop right then and there, or else.

This was a girl I had my eye on for months, and I didn’t want to ruin it…and I still very much don’t want to ruin it. Every time an urge came I would think of her, and what I’d be doing to her. Even if it’s outside of her knowledge…it doesn’t matter.

Being a good man means treating others with respect not only when their around, but also when they’re *not* around. That is a sign of a man with integrity, and I’m working towards becoming that kind of man.

Therefore, any kind of porn viewing while in this relationship goes against what I believe in, though I’ll admit, my mind still tries to convince me from time to time. I guess I still have much longer to go, but I’ve laid the foundation and I feel confident moving forward.

Benefits have been mostly physical – my sensitivity had increased about ten-fold. I get hard just *talking* to my GF. I get hard being near her. I get hard *looking* at her. These are things that wouldn’t have happened if I was still watching porn. In fact, the first 2-3 weeks of our relationship (and of these 90 days) were a grind for me physically. I wasn’t feeling much of anything when I was with her, but now that has drastically changed.

A couple of other benefits are that I’ve drastically cut back on fast food and soda, and I’ve been going to the gym much more regularly. Being with my GF has reminded me of the man I want to be, and I’m working slowly but very surely on becoming that man.

LINK – Finally reached 90 days (again)!

by scote73