Age 29 – My thoughts are much calmer and clearer

I’m 29 (30 in 5 months). I’ve been doing it since 12-13, but I started with just myself, then books, magazines, then dialup, then high speed.

I finally hit 90 days. I won’t lie. It was a bitch to achieve, but I’m glad and proud of myself that I managed to stick to my guns on this journey. I know the road doesn’t end for me here. It is a lifetime goal and I have no plans to go back to the past.

I have no urges to masturbate. I have that little voice in my head that wants to still watch porn, but that voice is very weak. My body feels a lot lighter, my thoughts are much more calmer and clearer, my vision feels more indepth, emotions so far are calm and collective (I haven’t been to the club in almost 3 weeks, but plan on going this Friday and Saturday with my mates.)

I believe on day 86, I finally felt a burst of hormones that got me in a really lusty mood. LOL. It had felt like I was drugs for a moment. I kinda have a past of drug usage, so that’s how I could make that comparison, but I haven’t done drugs or had any liquor in 3 weeks, so I know it wasn’t due to that. I haven’t felt it again since, so I’m hoping it wasn’t a tease. LOL. That feeling made me finally see a part of me that I haven’t felt before, like the missing piece to the puzzle, a missing piece that makes me feel like a man. I felt like God. LOL

It might sound stupid, but that’s what it felt like.

I’ll make another post once I hit 120 days and another one every 30 days after that.

Strategies: I just installed blockers on my browsers, if I saw sexy pictures on facebook, I just hid the post so it doesn’t show back up. When I had an urge, I would go do 20-40 push-ups. I tried to stay off the computer as much as possible (which failed, since a lot of the stuff I do requires it). I picked up foreign language learning (studying German, Spanish, and Esperanto on Duolingo).

LINK – Finally hit 90 days

by jackelpackel