Age 29 – PIED cured: My manliness has increased and now me and my dick are ready to attack the world

And for the first time I can remember in a long, long time, I’m waking up with strong morning wood (a hard dick, in case you have to ask).

I can’t remember what age it stopped happening, I just got used to not having it…I could get erect watching porn, so I didn’t think there was anything ‘wrong’ with it, even though I’ve had a few less than ideal performances with women (usually only after drinking).

But I can tell you, it feels SO FUCKING GOOD to have it back. I genuinely feel like my manliness has increased and now me and my dick are ready to attack the world.


  • Started NoFap in Sep 2015, current streak just over 40 days
  • Strength training 3 x a week and cardio 2 x a week
  • Supplementing with adaptogenic herbs, vitamin D, fish oils, zinc, magnesium
  • High fat/High protein diet, lowish carbs and no processed/junk shit

LINK – I’m 29 years old (ED related post).

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Background Info

  • 29 years old, probably starting watching porn when I was around 13 if not younger. PMO’d on average every day since then I guess
  • Background of depression and anxiety (got way better over the years, but still prone to social anxiety at times)\
  • Generally healthy (good diet and training regime) but prone to getting colds/chest infections often (I’m Asthmatic and recently stopped taking medication I believe was fucking with my cortisol levels)
  • Occasional ED/weak erections with real partners


So, I started NoFap back in September 2015 and managed a 49 Day streak, although there was a lot of edging in those first two weeks but that helped me get out of the habit without going cold turkey. I had a few 1-3 week streaks before starting this current one, and decided 100 days was the goal this time. Edging has been nonexistent this time I think.

I don’t think it’s necessary listing all the positive benefits I’ve experienced in detail because they are somewhat universal, but:

  • More energy, especially in the gym. I’ve also lost body fat at what I would say is a quicker rate than usual
  • SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) was without doubt far, far less noticeable this year. I’d go as far to say that I’ve experienced more happiness in the last 50 days than the rest of the year.
  • Generally more positive about life, myself and my future.
  • Increased confidence in social situations and a greater desire to be social, meet friends etc
  • Better able to cope with stress – one negative thing of NoFAP has been really disturbed sleep…But I can still function sleep deprived without experiencing huge amounts of anxiety. Also my immune system has been stronger this year (partly down to supplementation, see below).
  • Morning wood has returned! And…
  • I went on a second date with a girl from work last night. I get hard just talking to her, whereas porn doesn’t do anything now. You just can’t beat a real physical and mental connection and now I’ve experienced it for the first time in a while…Porn is barely tempting.
  • Social media/Facebook – I’ve seriously reduced the amount of time I spend on any social media sites.


  • Adaptogens: Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha. These have 100% contributed to the positive impacts on my health over the last 1-2 months. Google them. They work.
  • Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil

So, onto the next 50 days. And it seems like I’m really hitting it off with the girl I mentioned, so will finally get a release for all this sexual energy in the right way. NoFap for the win!

Day 50 Report: Porn has lost it’s power