Age 29 – PIED: Finally cured after 3 years of ups and downs

Rebooted in 2012 unsuccessfully (though it helped). Problem was lack of rewiring [with real partners]. Did 90 days no orgasm in 2013, with women. Full recovery.

But lost progress during a month of no sex + looking at a few pictures.

Got things back to tolerably good, but not 100%. So this year decided to do no orgasm again. Just did 78 days. Would say I’m 100% now, easy erections, fully hard, no ED, can last a long time, sex feels good.

Not sure what else to write except this works. Oh, and don’t relapse. 5 min = 1-2 month setback. Not worth it. On the other hand, if you did relapse, don’t beat yourself up too much. My relapses were a setback, but they were not a total reversal of progress. If you relapse the thing to do is learn what triggers to avoid, and then keep going. Don’t keep relapsing just cause you made one mistake.

Am 29. Used porn from ages 15-26.

This stuff works. I’ll be answering questions here for a bit, ask away.

Edit: I decided to orgasm last night. Had a full erection in the middle of the night and this morning. That’s why my counter is at zero. I’d say the second no O period worked. I plan to keep orgasms rare for a bit and see how I respond.

LINK – Fully cured, taking questions

June 4th, 2015

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30 MONTHS EARLIER – Serious reboot this time

My Background:

Started porn around age 15. Got steadily more hardcore over time, though never too extreme, except near the end. Was not good with girls when younger, and as a result was a virgin until 22. This was a pretty big mistake – I never had successful sex pre-ED.

Had some ED when I first had sex. Inconsistent. But got worse over time. Had a long dry spell ages 24-26. When I tried to have sex again at age 26, had terrible ED and almost no sensitivity.

That kicked me into action – this was last April. I found Your Brain On Porn and went porn and MO free. Had a 45 day streak, then got a blowjob. Things sort of worked, but I think that set me back. Especially since it sent me on a chaser. Not with porn or MO, but with at a local massage parlour a couple of times. At the time, I thought this was a useful way to reconnect with real women, but it was a mistake for three reasons:

1. I had to look at pictures of girls to choose a massage parlour.
2. MP handjobs are not real sex.
3. Orgasms set back my reboot.

August and September were extremely stressful. I had been approaching women and getting dates, but was frustrated with my lack of progress. It had been some time since I had had real sex, so I hired a prostitute. Things worked, though I had PE. I hired a few more, and eventually ED returned. I think this fake sex + looking at pictures of hookers online helped set me back. Stress was surely a factor as well.

I stopped that in October, but I MO’ed now and again, and never had more than a 15 day streak.

I had had enough by Christmas, and recommitted to a reboot. I wrote myself a letter, and sealed it in an envelope. On the back of the envelope, I drew a calendar, and each day I marked off a day with an X. I drew three months worth of dates.

Progress Since Recommitting

Recommitting really made a difference. I also was off OK Cupid, and did not look at pictures of attractive girls on Facebook.

These last two things make a difference. Now if I look at pictures of FB friends for two long, I can feel a dopamine rush. I tried going on OKC today, and felt an ache in my penis while looking at the profile of a cute girl. I think it’s too much false stimulation, and will be sticking to approaching women in real life.

Unfortunately, I relapsed on day 15 of my reboot. The reason was that I decided to try Cialis. I had thought that – after six months of rebooting – maybe my brain just had to wire to real sex. I had a possibility for sex, so I took a 10mg dose to try it out. The sex didn’t happen, but the Cialis worked very well. So much so that I woke up in the middle of the night with a persistent erection.

I couldn’t get it to go away, and it felt uncomfortable, so I MO’ed to make it go away. This lead to a chaser effect that night, where I MO’ed again (no porn).

So I reset, and wrote myself another letter. This letter is to be reread if I’m tempted, and I included rules and guidelines on the back. It’s been five days so far, and I feel very good about it. I’m aiming for at least 90 days.

If the opportunity for sex comes up with a real girl, and I get an erection, I’ll go for it – I think rewiring is important. But I won’t be forcing anything.

I plan to keep a journal here to help keep myself accountable.