Age 29 – Sex with my wife is better than it has ever been. Depression, anxiety, social abstinence, has all reversed


I’m 29, and there have been some amazing changes since my journey of rebooting. Here’s a are several good symptoms that have resulted from No porn or masturbation.

1. Sex with my wife is better than it has ever been in 8 years of marriage. To explain; I used to do exactly what turned me on with Viewing porn. Many things I liked to watch my wife would NOT agree to participate in. Such things as, anal sex, facials, aggressive speech, or the misconception that she should do anything I wanted her to as what in portrayed in porn. I now longer have that mentality during sex, nor do I have it when not intimate.

2. Orgasm are much more intense than when I was regularly viewing porn. When I was active with porn use, ejaculating inside her was not interesting and gave me very little arousal, despite having no issues maintaining an erection. I ONLY wanted to ejaculate on her. This of course is a result of what I was conditioned to enjoy with years of porn use. Presently, I enjoy ejaculating inside my wife, rather than on her body,  This is inately satisfying.

3. My sleep quality has increased a huge amount. Also, It seems as if my circadian rhythm has been reset. I wake up earlier, and more refreshed. During my porn use, I would go to bed early before my wife and secretly view porn before she came to bed. Sometimes, I would wake up before my wife, watch porn and masterbate before I left for work.

4. I am more interested in showing acts of love without having sex. Such as, holding hands, cuddling, tender kissing, and verbal compliments. Prior, if my wife attempted to cuddle with me I would feel I was compelled to have sex by a force that was out of my control.

5. I used to think my wife was Inadequate to provide the amount of sex I needed one. Daily basis. I would want sex so often my wife would get concerned. After no porn, my sex drive is still high but it’s more reasonable. Also, because I’m not acting out what I like in porn, my wife is not as sore in her genitalia. During sex I would only be aggressive and of course this can hurt a woman. 

6. Depression, anxiety, social abstinence, has all reversed. I even have notice my concentration has improved, memory has improved, and small things are more enjoyable. Such as waking up early to take a walk before my day starts, giving thanks more often, pleasure from nature and even food.

Don’t give up guys you can do it. An app called ” Brain Buddy” on iPhone is a tracker and gives daily motivation and accountability. It has helped me tremendously in addition to self education.

LINK – 80 days Clean with No PMO

BY – Mantis360