Age 29 – Signs of life, erections still not dependable at 90 days

I (29/m) made it to 90 days, on my second try. On my first one I slipped at around 85 or something and then I binged for almost 2 weeks straight.

In this 90days I was able to have successful und satisfying sex with two women. at the beginning of my second try it was actually really easy even though I was incredibly nervous… but horny. with the second girl it was the other way around I had some confidence that maybe my cock is finally back to normal and boom…. nothing for at least 2 or 3 nights with her. i don’t remember how long exactly.

then some success, the first time in my life I came during a blowjob which was never possible because of the loss of sensitivity down there. but still it was a struggle for a while… so I tried viagra for a few nights. first a whole pill and then slowly reducing to less and less… at the end it was only one-eigth of a pill but I saw that I was already a bit dependent on it even though it worked many times without as well. I always had in the back of head: “thank god I have some pills left!”

So things started to get rough and soft again since it got complicated and weird with the second girl and my confidence right now is pretty low but who cares, the next one will come. I’m pretty sure about that.

To sum it up, I’m in the middle in a hellish rollercoaster with some great ups and soul crushing downs. For the future I have to discipline myself more not to O during sex. I didn’t watch porn the whole 90 days with almost no urges but I MOed 2 times which just felt right. I think this fight will go one at least for many months to come but I’m willing to take the hits. sex is just to awesome to give up now 😉

Good luck everybody!!! NoFap is worth it!

LINK – 90 days report

by procrastinator85